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Piper is around 3 years old. She is a sweet girl, but can be a little shy sometimes. She is sensitive and loud noises or sudden movements can startle her. She is quite independent but enjoys company when it is on offer. She loves a fuss and a brush, but prefers to sit with you rather than on you.
Piper has lived with children and we think that she will be happy with sensible children of 8+ years who can understand Piper and respect her. She has lived with dogs and we feel that she will be fine with a calm dog but would not cope well with a loud energetic dog. She has mostly been an indoor girl, but does enjoy a little wander outdoors if it is quiet and safe… she finds all the cats in our rescue cattery a little too overwhelming to have the courage to come out for a proper explore, bless her.

Piper would love a fairly quiet and respectful home where she can feel safe and relaxed. She would appreciate some safe garden/access to fields where she can have a bit of an explore without feeling scared.

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