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Quince was brought to us as a bit of an emergency when a lovely couple spotted him scavenging around bins. Starving hungry, horribly thin and matted to the skin, this gentle boy allowed them to pick him up and pop him in the back of their car.

With a mouth full of infection and rotting teeth, totally unable to chew yet desperate to eat, Quince managed to work his way through his little and often feeding regime until we finally managed to get him strong enough for an anaesthetic. Once most of his teeth and all of his mats had been removed, he was a much happier cat! Still gaining weight, Quince is almost unrecognisable from the cat that was brought to us. His coat is glossy, he purrs a lot of the time, loves his fusses….and still loves his food! The only thing he doesn`t love is having his photo taken – we think because he feels both hands should be stroking him!!

Quince would love a retirement home with free access to a safe outside space and as much company and love as he can get. His photo really doesn`t do him justice, it is well worth arranging to come and meet him properly.

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