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Ruby & Lola (RESERVED)

Ruby and Lola are a gorgeous pair, very sadly brought to us for re-homing due to an unexpected move that the girls were unable to join in with. They are about 5 years old and have always been much loved cats, and this very much shows in their interaction with people…although Ruby can sometimes try to steel all the limelight, so you definitely need more than one pair of hands!

Ruby and Lola are gentle and easy going. They love spending time with you but also quite happy to spend some time alone. They are happiest as the only pets, and have been used to living with children of 8 years + who were very respectful of them and loved to spend “down time” cuddling them. Ruby and Lola can be sensitive to anything new and can avoid unknown visitors or any kind of rowdiness. They would suit a relatively quiet home with a safe garden for them to have a little explore outdoors. They are so sweet and gentle, you cannot help but fall in love with them.

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