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Rudy is a wonderful girl, guessed to be around 8 – 10 months old. She was originally a stray and was never reclaimed. She has now been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and is ready to go to her new home.

Rudy is naturally very affectionate, and really quite confident with both people and other cats. She loves fusses and cuddles, but can struggle to stay still! She loves nothing more than to play…and does not easily take no for an answer when it comes to playing with other cats! She loves hide and seek, pounce, catch the mousey, chase the ball, feather on a stick, crinkley tunnel – you name it, she`ll happily play it!!

Rudy could live with another cat, but either a similarly playful youngster, or an adult cat who will have the confidence to sit on her – in the nicest possible way! She is similarly confident with dogs and could live with a tolerant cat-savvy dog…the chances are she will be in charge! Rudy would not be safe near busy roads and will need a quiet, safe environment that she can explore safely. She likes human company but is ok to be left for a few hours as needed.

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