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Smartie was found as a stray at around 4 months old – one of many that seemed to have got dumped this year. She had clearly been around people and is certainly not a feral cat, but she is shy of new people and in new situations, preferring to opt out rather than get involved. With a little time and patience in a quiet home Smartie will come on in leaps and bounds. In a busy rescue cattery with different people coming through it is far more difficult for her.

Smartie would love to be in a quiet home with another gentle, friendly cat that can play with her and to help her feel a little more confident. She just loves to play – toys on strings are favourite – and will happily spend hours trying to catch the toy! She would really like a home with people who will work with her at her pace to help bring her out of her shell, gently pushing boundaries when she gets a little stuck, not pushing so hard that she feels overwhelmed. We do not think that she will have the confidence for children or for dogs.

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