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Smudge (& Blu) (RESERVED)

Fudge is a really gentle and unassuming older lady who has sadly had to come to us for re-homing after her owner died. She has always lived with Blu and we feel that they would ideally be happiest staying together as a pair – much as they like their independence they also enjoy snuggling up together.

Fudge has been used to a quiet home where she can feel confident and relaxed. She is a little shyer than Blu and likes a safe place where she can assess what is going on around her. She is affectionate to those she knows but very much on her own terms – not aggressive, just avoidant. Like Blu, she enjoys a little potter outdoors to check out any changes and to snooze in the grass. She would love to be in a quiet and caring home, ideally with Blu, where she can feel happy, settled and loved.

Enquire about homing Smudge (& Blu) (RESERVED).