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Smudge is just gorgeous, and around 7 – 8 years old. She has sadly had to come to us for re-homing as a change in circumstances meant her owner had to move and she was unable to go too.

Smudge has been used to a very rural setting and has very much enjoyed the great outdoors and hunting. Although she has become more of a home bird as she has grown out of kittenhood, she still likes to roll up her sleeves and have a good explore from time to time. Smudge loves company, loves to play, loves to be groomed, loves to be cuddled, loves to sleep close to a human. She is a great conversationalist and loves to tell you all about her day whilst you tell her all about yours! She is fabulous company, a real character and a little bit unique! Smudge would like a rural home, ideally as the only pet. She has not lived with children, but we feel that she would be happy to live with children of 10 years +.

Enquire about homing Smudge.