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Sonic & Pudding (RESERVED)

Sonic and Pudding are a wonderful brother and sister duo. They have lived in the same loving home since they were kittens, and only came into rescue because of a change in personal circumstances.

Very kittenish still at 2 years old, they are massively affectionate (Pudding especially) and love all the cuddles and attention you can give them. Both are very playful, more than happy to play “catch the string” and “chase the ball” with gusto. They have been used to access to good outside space and enjoy the opportunity to go off for a little explore…and possibly a little hunting too!

They would be happy living with children of 8 years + could possibly live with gentle, cat friendly dogs. They are a fabulous pair and well worth meeting.

Enquire about homing Sonic & Pudding (RESERVED).