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Spooks is a gorgeous, HUGE, super-affectionate softy! He is 11 years old, but does not look or act it at all. He has had to come into us for re-homing as a change in his owner`s circumstances means that they can no longer care for him.

Spooks loves people, loves attention, a tickle, a tummy rug, a cuddle and a lap! The more company and attention he can have the happier he is. He is not a fan of other cats and will definitely want to be the only feline in the home, but is more than happy to share his life with any number of humans and possibly even a cat-friendly dog or two. Spooks enjoys access to a good outdoor space where he can do a little sunbathing and a little hunting in between cuddles. He has been used to free access in a very rural location so has no road sense at all and would struggle to adjust to anywhere more urban.

If you are looking for a super-friendly, cuddle-monster of a cat, Spooks could well be the cat for you!

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