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Storm & Trixie (RESERVED)

Storm and Trixie are brother and sister. They have always lived together and are very attached to one another – as you can see! They are a young 9 years old now and like an easy life, a quiet, gentle home with a lovely warm patch and a safe little garden would suit them just fine. Both cats are friendly and affectionate lap cats by nature. They can be a little shy with new people initially, but only because life has taught them to be cautious. Both love a fuss and a groom, love attention and a chat. Trixie and Storm have been used to being around other cats, so could live with other gentle natured feline friends. They would not have the confidence to feel happy around small children – we are suggesting teenagers or adult only homes.

This sensitive little pair are so very sweet and really do deserve a loving home where they can feel safe and secure and able to enjoy life again.

Enquire about homing Storm & Trixie (RESERVED).