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Tinky & Tout (RESERVED)

Tinky and Tout are mother and daughter, aged 8 and 6 years respectively. They have lived in the same loving, safe home since kittens, which they have shared happily with the lovely Paddy-cat. Sadly an unexpected change in circumstances means that their owner is having to move and the cats are unable to go too – they now need a new loving home.

Tinky and Tout are every bit as sweet and gentle as Paddy – we suspect he has been a good role model for them! They are all affectionate, gentle and undemanding, loving a fuss and some company, a prowl out and about, the odd bit of hunting. They are not fans of dogs, shouting or loud noises. They are very big fans of sofa time! They have not been used to living with children but have been very good with visiting children so we feel could be quite happy sharing their home with slightly older, sensible children.

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