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Tinky & Touts

Tinky and Touts are a wonderful mother and son pair, very bonded and keen to stay together. Aged 8 and 6 years respectively, they are both very gentle and loving, a little shy with new people and in new situations. Once they are confident with you both are very affectionate, love tickles and strokes and will take as much fussing as you can give. Tinky loves a lap, but Touts is a large boy and tends to struggle to fit on a lap – he will roll over for tummy tickles instead!

Tinky and Touts would be happiest in a quiet, adult only home with a safe garden where they can have a little potter and an explore. They do not have any experience of busy roads so would prefer a home well away from any dangerous traffic. They are gentle around other cats but are not used to dogs.

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