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Tui was a starving stray, very scared of people, desperate to stay safe but even more desperate for food. He slowly realised that the lovely people who kept putting food down were friendly humans, and he slowly reached a point where he felt safe to let them stroke him. With a little more trust building he was soon gently helped into a cat carrier and brought to us.

Tui is a sweet boy who has clearly had a rough deal. He has known love and affection, but also known some very rough handling. By nature he is gentle and affectionate, desperate to be a much loved lap cat, he just needs to take it slowly and to learn that you are a safe human, not a scary one. Tui is very drawn to other cats and we feel would flourish with another cat friend or two that could help to show him the rope and settle him in. He was found in a rural area and does love access to the great outdoors, so we feel that he would be happiest in a rural situation again. Do you have the quiet home and a tiny bit of patience to offer this beautiful boy a lifetime of love and security?

He is currently best friends with Pepsi and the two of them love to play chase games together. If you happen to fancy two cats….!

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