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Tyto is only 5 – 6 months old with her whole life ahead of her and bags of potential. She a sweet little person who loves fusses, chin tickles and play. She came from a very quiet home with just one owner and no visitors, so has not had the experience of meeting new people and tends to be quite shy until she knows you. She has been used to living with her mum and sisters, and enjoys the company of other cats. She would love to stay with one of her family so that she has a known friend to help her settle in. She is likely to one heck of a hunter judging by the way she observes our rescue rabbits through the doorway!!

Tyto would suit a quiet, experienced home with owners who enjoy confidence building. She would be happy to live with another gentle cat and we feel would struggle as an only cat. She would not have the confidence to cope with dogs or children.

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