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Willow was brought to us when she was found straying and pregnant. Willow had her litter of kittens with us and has been a fabulous mum, but the kittens are now all weaned and about to head off to their new homes – so now it is Willow`s turn to do the same!

Guessed to be around 2 years old, we have found that Willow is lovely with people she knows but very careful with new people. She is easily overwhelmed and will want a quiet, adult only home! At the moment she loves a head rub but tends to worry if you try to touch the rest of her body. This is something that we feel will change in time as she gains in confidence in her new home. She has been used to having access to good and interesting outside space and we feel will need to be in a rural setting again. Given a quiet home with a little time and patience we feel that Willow will become a relaxed and happy girl.

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