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Zeb & Loki (available)

Zeb and Loki are an affectionate pair of bonded two year old brothers. Zeb is the white with black shyer one and Loki is the more outgoing tabby and white one.

They love a fuss and will let you know when they want to be stroked. Loki especially will be all over you for love and attention.

The pair have been used to sharing a home with lots of other cats, but they would prefer a home with no other pets so they can have more attention and less stress. Especially Zeb would benefit from a quieter home as he is a bit sensitive and not so confident.

They have previously lived as indoor cats, but would love to go outside and have more space to explore. Loki especially is very clever and active and would thrive in a home with a safe outdoor space around it.

Loki and Zeb are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, de flea and wormed

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