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Alfie (Reserved)

Alfie is a 10 year old Jack Russell who has lived in the same loving home since a puppy. He has enjoyed a very happy and privileged life, but his owner has sadly died and, much as family are trying hard to look after him, Alfie is not adjusting well to life in a busier family home….especially not one with cats!

Alfie is a fit and active boy still who loves his walks. He currently enjoys an hour a day with extra adventures on the weekend. He is a good traveller, so happy to hop in the car and join in. He loves to play ball on the rope, and has a favourite pig toy that absolutely must go with him! He is good both on and off the lead and has been good with most of the dogs he has seen – although, typical terrier, there is always the odd one that he does not like!

Alfie does not like being handled by people he does not know and has always been very sensitive about his feet being touched, or about being touched when he is eating. He loves his little bed and can be protective of that – he just likes it to be his own little quiet spot.

Alfie is not a fan of the postman….or of anyone else who is delivering anything to the property! He is a great little guard dog and can hear the delivery van well before it gets to you! Other visitors are welcome provided they ignore Alfie – he is then happy to do the same to them!

Alfie would love a quiet home with an active, retired couple, or with people who work part time. He has not been used to spending time at home on his own and will need a slow and gentle introduction to being left for an absolute maximum of 4 hours a day. He will benefit from adopters who have previous terrier experience. He will need adopters who have the patience to let him adjust to his new surroundings and will be happy to give him plenty of time to slowly settle in and learn to trust again. It is a lot of change for a little lad who does not understand why his whole world has suddenly changed.

Alfie will continue to stay with family until we can find him a new home, kennels is just too overwhelming for him.

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