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Bear is a beautiful 5 year old German Shepherd x Lurcher. She has led a very sheltered life so far, been very much loved, and really only come to us for re-homing due to ongoing health issues with her owner which meant she could no longer be walked.

Bear loves other dogs and has never lived as a single dog. It is really important to her to live with another dog so that she has that constant company and pack. She has quite a strong maternal streak and particularly likes a little friend that needs some additional canine TLC. Bear also has a playful streak in her and is very happy to have a game with another playful dog…or simply play with toys with you!

Bear loves her walks and, so far, has been happy to walk as far as we are able to take her! She is good on lead and is learning recall – she is such a good girl. Travel has been new to Bear so a bit of a working progress, but she is fine provided she can travel with a doggy friend and they can then enjoy their walk together.

Bear is incredibly loyal and, once you are a friend, you are a friend for life. She is quick to recognise you and incredibly responsive. She had not been used to meeting many people and can be a little wary of new people initially. She has gained a lot of confidence during her time with us, but still tends to need a little time to assess before she feel confident enough to come and say hello. Once she realises you are friendly she is more than happy to hop onto the sofa with you or to head off for a walk. She had not been used to spending much time at home on her own, but we have worked with her on this and she will be ok to be left for up to 4 hours with her dog friend, provided she has a slow introduction to this initially.

Bear has no experience of children and we feel that she may find all the hustle and bustle that living with children can bring a little too much. We feel that she could cope with visiting children of 7 years +. She has lived with cat but does enjoy a game of chase! We feel that she could live with very dog-savvy cats that know she means no harm and do not feel the need to run.

Bear has a big heart and a kind nature, a dog that likes to give, that needs to feel loved and to belong. There is something very special about this girl.

Bear adores Penny and they would make a fantastic pair for someone looking to adopt 2.

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