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Beau is a 3 year old Dalmation. She is being reluctantly re-homed because her current owners are finding it difficult to meet her exercise needs.

Beau is lovely. She loves people, loves attention, loves playtime. Like all Dalmations she is very active and will happily walk for miles or play ball for hours! She is clever and a quick learner, has good recall off-lead and has good basic obedience. She has not lived with children, but has been used to visiting children. We feel that she would be happy living with children of 7 years upwards.

Beau is happiest as the only dog in the home so that she can have all the attention and love without feeling that she needs to compete. She is not good with cats, far preferring to chase them than to make friends! Beau has been used to being left for short periods only and will need owners who can be flexible with this and able to spend time with her initially.Beau would love to be part of a family where she can feel included. She is a smashing dog and will make a great new family member. She is not a confident traveller and would rather stay home than have to travel anywhere!

Beau does not enjoy kennels so is remaining with her current owners whilst we find a new home for her. Viewing is strictly by appointment only.

Enquire about homing Beau.