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Bella is a scrumptious 6 year old lurcher – probably collie x Deerhound. She has been much loved and lived in a caring and stable home, but she is just too active for her owners and they feel she would be happier in a different home that could do more with her.

Bella is a good allrounder in many ways. She loves people and has been used to visiting children of all ages. She is great with other dogs and loves to play. She is a good traveller and is very happy to hop into the car to go on adventures with you. At times where it is not practical for Bella to participate she does not mind spending a few hours home on her own snoozing until your return. She has a good level of basic obedience and has completed her Good Citizen Bronze. She has even done a little agility which she absolutely loved (that would be the collie in her!) She adores water!

Bella would love to be in an active home where she can enjoy a variety of walking areas to explore and dogs to make friends with. She will not mind if her people need to work part time and would be ok to be left for up to 4 hours. She would love a home that will enjoy ongoing training/agility with her as she loves to use her brain. Bella cannot live with cats! We are suggesting children of 8 years + purely because Bella believes herself to be a small dog and can be quite exuberant when greeting people so youngsters can accidentally get flat-packed!

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