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Giant puppy!

Bertie needs experienced owners who will give him a chance. For anyone who doesn’t have too many visitors or a big enough house that he could be separated from them he will make the most loving and loyal friend. He does struggle with meeting new people but he is an awful lot better and if introduced correctly he is a good boy. He will need a certain amount of time and commitment for “getting to know you” meetings at Happy Landings.
Bertie has been tied up on a chain for two years and kept as a guard dog, the trouble is he really isn’t proper guard dog material, although will bark and guard his special space as that is what he has learnt to do. He is now 5 years old, has had no training or socialisation. He is brilliant with other dogs but unsure of his own body language or spatial awareness with humans and will run at you only stopping at the last moment.
Bertie will need a big house and garden and an adult only home is a must. He will need a quiet rural area without near neighbours or heavy traffic.
He could live with cats and will walk by them quite happily although would probably chase if they run. When they dive under cover he just keeps running! Confident cats that don’t run he just leaves alone.
He is not a good traveller and will need time to build up his car experiences. If he has a toy to chew and de-stuff or a blanket he is better and always much happier on the way back from anywhere. He is quite happy playing with another dog in the garden and would much prefer that to walks.
He really is a great big softie when he knows you and realises that you are safe! He loves his cuddles and gives the best hugs.
Bertie will certainly benefit from having another dog as companion and to teach him the ropes. As you can see he loves sharing a sofa.

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