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A 6 month old German shepherd cross lab, Bess is a gorgeous loving family dog with bags of potential. She is looking for a home with someone that has the time and patience to do lots of training with her. She is a really clever girl who picks up things very quickly and loves to learn. She had not had any training or socialising until she got to about 4 months so she is a little bit of a project. She will need a home with behaviour/training experience. Her “sits” and “downs” are instant, loose lead walking needs a little reminding and we are nearly there with “paw”! She is super quick to learn new things and would make a cracking agility dog – she already has the confidence to do tunnels with ease.

Because Bess was not socialised from a young age she struggles seeing other dogs out and about. She has been attending training classes and is doing amazingly well in a controlled environment. However she is not quite ready for the big wide world of meeting dogs unexpectedly head to head in close proximity and will need ongoing training and socialisation to help her with this. Once she gets to know a dog she is fine with them, loves to play where possible but respectful if they are older and don`t want to. She could live with other calm sociable dogs.

Bess is a real family dog, she adores children and being in a family environment. She is playful, very affectionate, loves a cuddle and a tummy tickle. She enjoys being included in everything and feeling a part of “the pack”. She is a fabulous dog in the home…if a little clumsy at times! She is house trained and fully crate trained – happy to sleep in it at night time. Bess will need a slow introduction to spending short periods home alone and will initially need someone that is home based for her to settle her in and help her to feel confident and secure. She would love a rural environment and would not cope well in a town situation – too busy and overwhelming for a sensitive little person.

Bess does suffer with travel sickness but is slowly improving. After building it up can now cope with 20/30 minute journeys happily and we hope this will just carry on improving. We feel that she would be best placed in a home without small furries!

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