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Betsy is wonderful! She is about 2 years old and is staying with her family (who adore her but are sadly unable to keep her) whilst we look for a new home for her. Viewing must be by prior arrangement only.

Betsy is a gregarious people-person. She loves humans, loves kids, loves to play, loves to cuddle. She needs to know that she is an important part of her family`s life. Time on the sofa, a charge around with a ball, some time clowning around and having a giggle – these are all things that are important to Betsy. She has always lived with other dogs, loves to play with them and is very interactive with her doggy friends loving nothing more than a game of chase or a wrestle. She has good basic obedience and is a clever girl who enjoys learning. Betsy had been used to someone home most of the time, but has been ok to be left for up to 4 hours with her doggy friends. We feel that she would not be happy to be left home alone as a single dog, she would miss her pack too much.

Betsy would love to be in a family home, ideally with a like minded doggy playmate to be her best friend at the times when her humans have to be out of the house. She would love a big garden securely fenced where she can charge around with her friends – canine and human! Betsy is very active so will need people who enjoy plenty of walking, and ideally have previous experience of sharing their lives with a lurcher.

Betsy is a typical lurcher when it comes to small animals and cannot live with cats, rabbits etc. they are just far too tempting for a sighthound like her! She would need to be kept on lead when in an area that there may be small furries that she can chase.

Betsy has so much to recommend her and will make an amazing life-long addition to the family that adopt her.

Enquire about homing Betsy.