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Billy is a gorgeous little lad, a very young and active 8 – 9 year old terrier. He had been in the same family since a puppy, but sadly circumstances have changed and they are no longer able to keep him, so Billy needs a new home.
Billy has the nicest little personality, and is gentle and loving by nature. He is very affectionate, a natural born lap dog and loves to snuggle at the bottom of your bed at night. He loves everyone he meets and has been used to visiting children of all ages. He is always glad to see visitors and will welcome all friends and relatives to your home!
Billy is an active boy who absolutely loves his walks and playtime, and will happily go for three good walks a day. He is good with other dogs and enjoys the opportunity to socialise and to play. He can go off lead in a safe area and is good at coming back for a yummy treat. He has not been used to travelling, but is good travelling in a crate for shorter journeys.
Billy is naturally a sensitive boy and prone to being a bit of a worrier. He benefits from having a bit of routine to his day so that he has a good idea of what is likely to be happening next. Much as he is very much a terrier in many respects, he is not an independent dog and hates to be left on his own, it really does make him panic.
Billy would love a relatively quiet, rural home with active owners who can ensure that Billy has the exercise, company and routine that he needs. He would love to have children in his life, either living with sensible older children or with regularly visiting grandchildren. He loves access to a garden where he can chill out in a sunny spot. He cannot live with cats or other small furries, but could potentially live with another dog.

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