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Billy is a smashing, nearly 5 years old, Springer Spaniel. He has recently failed part of his sniffer dog training so is now looking for his forever home.

Billy has a real working spaniel brain, so when he is out walking it is nose down and off he goes! He is always desperate to get to the next sniff, to head off exploring…he is so excited to be out that his ears stop working and he has no recall at all! Because of this anyone interested in adopting him would need to be prepared for potentially keeping him on lead unless in a secure area. Billy has not really had his working instincts fully channeled and definitely needs an experienced home who will enjoy “working” him – that spaniel brain is going to need a job to do. Billy is a completely different dog once back in the house, calm and relaxed, very happy to settle and sleep on the sofa, Mr Chilled. However, the second you get his harness and lead…!!
Billy is a sociable dog who enjoys the company of canine friends and would happily live with another dog. He does not mind being left for a few hours, is happy to hop in the car and go to new places with you. He is a good natured boy who has been glad to meet everyone in life. He does not have any experience with children so we are suggesting homes with children of 10+ years. He loves games based around retrieving, loves cuddles, has good basic obedience (apart from lead work and recall)
Billy is a really great boy, but has been passed around a few times because of his energy and working brain needs. His next home needs to fully understand and meet his needs, able to commit to being his forever home. He is such a lovely dog, he really does deserve his own little Happy Ending!

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