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Poor old Billy – at 13 – 14 years this is not the time in his life when he wants to end up in a rescue kennels. Very sadly a change in his owners` health meant that they could no longer care for him so Billy could has come to stay with us whilst we find him a new, loving home.

Billy is a lovely boy, sweet natured and gentle. He loves company, to join in and to be involved. He will chase a ball until his legs fall off, and still loves his walks – although he sadly has not had much opportunity for walkies over the last few months. He is a clever boy with good basic obedience, can walk sensibly on the lead and can be let off lead – he is a good boy at coming back for a biscuit! Billy is inexperienced with travelling so will need help to feel more confident in this.

Billy has been used to living as the only dog in the home and would not adjust to sharing with other dogs. He is generally good meeting other dogs when walking – although there is the odd dog he meets that he finds worrying and he will then have a bark just to let the other dog know to keep away – he prefers avoidance to confrontation. Where Billy has been used to having company all the time he will need a very slow and sensitive introduction to being at home without his human anchor for a couple of hours. Billy is good with visiting children and very happy to meet friends and family. He thrives on routine – it helps him to feel safe if he knows what to expect.

Billy would love to be back in a home environment again. He is young at heart, an active lap dog, in good health with a good few years in him yet. We would hate him to end up stuck in kennels for the rest of his life.

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