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Biscuit (RESERVED)

Biscuit is a gorgeous, 2 year old collie who, like most collies, loves to be doing. She has always enjoyed a very active lifestyle, but due to some recent changes her owner is no longer able to provide quite the same level of activity and she is not the happy girl she was. With sadness all have agreed that it would be better for her to find a new home.

Biscuit loves to be out and active. She is used to running and cycling with her owners, very happy to do 3 or so hours exercise a day, split between different walks/runs/bike rides. She loves people, loves walks, loves to play ball (can get a little obsessive!) She is clever and obedient, generally a compliant girl by nature, keen to please once she knows what is expected of her. In addition to her high level exercise Biscuit is also the sort of dog who is happy to socialise, quite content to join in with a moochy around town and a coffee, or a meal out at the pub after a good bike ride. She is a good traveller so more than happy to jump in the car to go to new and exciting places with you.

Biscuit has not been used to young children and is happiest with a small human pack, ideally adult only, so that she knows who is pack leader and where she stands within the pack. She has lived with cats and could live with a dog-savvy cat, provided the cat doesn`t mind being followed a little – just so that Biscuit can be sure what cat is up to!

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