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Blue (Reserved)

Blue is an amazing dog with bags of potential. An approximately 2 year old German Shepherd x he has had to come into rescue after an unexpected change in his owner`s situation.

Blue is a really clever boy who loves to learn and to work with “his” person. He is super-speedy at picking things up and a real joy to work with, learning new things at an amazing rate. He is also a very sensitive boy and massively tuned into how “his” human is feeling. He loves people and needs to key in with you to feel secure, but can then worry when you are not there so will need a very slow introduction to time alone. Blue has loved children when he has met them but is quite inexperienced so we are putting a guideline for him of children 10+ years within the home.

Blue loves walks, loves travel, loves to play. He is good at fetch, loves any toy he can find and loves to play chase games with familiar doggy-friends. He is good with most other dogs, and could possibly live with another dog-friendly dog. He cannot live with cats.

Blue would love to be in a home with people who enjoy investing time and energy into their dog, training together, playing together, exploring together. He will be the best friend you could ever want!

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