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Bruno is a super little chap that wants to be into everything. As with any terrier he likes to be on the go all day.
He is looking for a home with owners who understand terriers.
Bruno has lived with children and could live happily as part of a family with children around 8yrs plus. He could also live with calm dogs.
As with a lot of terriers he does quite like the sound of his own voice and someone who is enthusiastic about positive training and can do lots of work with him on settling and not being so vocal would definitely benefit (the human more than him!) His noisiness also gets expressed with other dogs and ongoing training on meeting dogs out and about is a must although he will happily walk out with and spend time with calm dogs with no issues and loves having dog friends.
Bruno like most terriers wants to chase most small furries. If he smells a cat or other small animal his hearing switches off and hunting behaviours kick in.
We are looking for a super active home for Bruno where he can have lots to keep his mind and body working.
All in all though hes a super smashing little dog and for anyone likes their terriers he is a wonderful advert for the breed with a lovely temperament.

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