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Buddy (interest)

Little 8 month old French bulldog ‘Buddy’ is seeking his forever home. For a Frenchie, Buddy is on the smaller size, infact, he is very mini in size but has been vet checked and is in good health apart from some skin allergies which hopefully will be controlled with diet but may need vet treatment from time to time.

Buddy has a likeable character, he is great with people, pretty chilled out, seems to be well socialised and confident.

Buddy is at that hormonal adolescent age where the smells of other dogs are very exciting for him and he is very interested in the ladies!

We would like Buddy to go to a home with people who are aware of the need for good quality food, weight management and daily skin care, as frenchies are a high maintenace breed who need caring and attentive owners.

He really is a companion dog, very snuggly and friendly. He could live with other dogs but is quite humpy at the moment and it would depend upon meets here onsite.

We don’t know what Buddy is like with cats.
As with all our young dogs, they all need ongoing socialisation and training as many have not had the best of starts.

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