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Buddy is a 2 year old Shih-tzu who has sadly had to come to us for re-homing due to a change in work hours for his original owners.

Buddy is a c lever boy who enjoys learning and responds well to being a “Good Boy” and to positive reward systems. Because he is very clever his new owners will need to be very consistent with him – he will be very quick to seize any opportunity to be a little bit sneaky! He has good basic obedience and is generally good both on and off the lead. He has bags of personality, is cheeky but at the same time very lovable. He is great with everyone and has been used to living with older children. He is generally good meeting dogs out walking and enjoys the opportunity to socialise but is inexperienced and can easily become confused over things like play. He is a good traveller and loves to hop into the car to go to new places with you, loves to join in. He is great for taking into town, happy to settle at cafĂ© or for a pub lunch. He is not good at spending large periods of time on his own.

Buddy would love to be the only dog in an active home that enjoy training, with the opportunity to meet regular dog friends when out and about. He will need someone that is home based and could possibly train to be left confidently for up to 4 hours. Buddy is not good with cats!

Enquire about homing Buddy.