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Budley is a cracking little dog with tonnes of potential for the right home. He is really eager to please. At 9 years old he is now no longer a puppy although sometimes you wouldn’t know. He really needs to be kept active both with regular walks but more important mentally. As a typical cocker spaniel he likes to use his nose. Budley does struggle with some food guarding problems. This can be helped with positive training but is quite a set behaviour now for many years and so an element of management is going to be key. For this reason we would not rehome Budley to anywhere with children or visiting children. As a typical spaniel Bailey can be quite stressy over change and so there will be an initial settling in period where he is likely to struggle and need someone with time and patience to reassure him. Over time he should be able to be built up to being left for a few hours. Budley loves attention and going out exploring with you. He likes to look out of the window in the car on adventures.

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