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Coco is a fabulous 15 month old cross breed. His owners` circumstances have changed and he is struggling so we all feel that it would be in his best interests to find a new home better equipped to meet his needs. Coco would not enjoy kennels so is staying with his current owners until we can find him a new home – viewings strictly by appointment only.

Coco is a lovely, friendly, sociable boy. He is happy to meet new people, welcome in guests, meet fellow dog walkers out and about. He is always eager to meet new dogs too, excited at the prospect of making friends and playing. He is a good traveller and has good basic obedience, although he would definitely benefit from ongoing training.

Coco is a loyal boy with a need to bond, to properly key into “his” person. He would love people who really enjoy investing time in fun training, helping him to reach his full potential. He needs to be getting out and doing, joining in with life, seeing different things and using his brain. He has a lovely, mischievous side and a nice little sense of humour, so people who appreciate his personality is a must.

Coco has not been used to spending much time alone, so will need a home where he can be introduced to this very slowly once he has had time to settle. He has lived with cats, so could live with dog-savvy cats again. He is great with children, but we are suggesting children of 10 years + so that they can join in with his lifestyle.

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