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Darcy is a gorgeous 3 year old Jack Russell who has stolen the hearts of her foster family, but due to working hours they cannot become her forever home. She was originally re-homed due to a high stress environment causing her to snap at a young child. However, since being with her foster family she has not shown any hint of aggression towards humans, but we do think it would be best for her to be rehomed to somewhere with no children.

Darcy is a lovely girl who has a really sweet personality. Her dream day includes long country walks with a chance to run around off lead, lots of cuddles and belly rubs, a training session with yummy treats and no alone time. She is a great work at home buddy as she is very happy just sleeping on top of your feet.

In her time with her foster family she has learnt some basic training in record time, but this would need to be continued. She has learnt ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘wait’ and has good recall. She has not been used to being left alone so ideally her new home would be with someone who could limit her alone time. In the last few weeks she has come out of her shell even more and is now starting to play, which has been wonderful to witness. She would be great at things like agility but has not tried anything like that as yet.

Unfortunately, it does not seem Darcy has had much exposure to other dogs and is extremely reactive towards them. This is something we are working on and have had some success, but this would be a long term project. She would be happiest as the only dog in a home and we would not trust her with cats either.

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