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Domino is a fabulous 8 year old Sprollie who has sadly had to come to us for re-homing due to a change in health issues with his loving owners which meant that they were no longer able to exercise him properly. Domino thrives on exercise so was being stressed as a result of this change. With heavy hearts everyone felt that it was in Domino`s best interests to come to us to try to find a new home.

Domino is predominantly spaniel in his behaviour and outlook in life. He has a constant big smile on his face, and just loves to be doing and to be involved. He loves walkies, loves toys, loves to play, loves people, loves water (anything from a paddling pool to a river!) Domino has not had experience of living with children, but has been great with the children he has met here and we feel would be very happy living with children of 7 years upwards. He is great with other dogs, happy to share, and would be quite happy to live with another dog, or to live as a single and have doggy friends out and about. He has good basic obedience, but does tend to struggle with recall – we are trying to solve with one with him at the moment! Although he had not shown signs of separation issues in his original home we feel that in a new home situation he will need people that can be home based initially to slowly teach him that it is ok to be left for short periods.

Domino is not a confident traveller, which is something we are working on with him at the moment….very much a working progress and he is definitely much happier if he can travel next to you rather than separated in the boot!

Domino is, in many respects, a typical spaniel. He needs an active home that will enjoy getting out and about with him and continuing his training. He can be quite headstrong, so a home with previous spaniel experience would be advantageous. He is a smashing dog and really good fun.

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