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Eigenn is only 8 years old, but has not had the easiest life. This is something that we are determined to change for him! He is a wonderful boy with a lot to give, but needs to be able to do things at his pace. He needs a special kind of person that has the time and patience to gain his trust and not worry about wanting to take things too fast.

Eigenn loves toys, loves tennis balls, loves squeaky toys (they last for seconds!). He knows where the toy cupboard is in kennels and gets very excited anytime anyone goes near it – just in case there may be a new toy coming his way! He is a real water baby and cannot resist any kind of water, from a puddle to a river, happy to paddle, even happier to swim. He is a good traveller and loves to jump in a vehicle so that he can go to new and exciting places for swimming or walking – or both. He is clever but can be stubborn, loves food and treats so easy to motivate for training – just have to be careful that he does not become demanding.

Eigenn has not lived with another dog before and we feel that he would be happiest as the only dog in the home so that he does not feel that he has to compete for anything. Out and about he is very sociable, loves meeting new doggy friends, loves meeting new people and getting involved. He had great fun at our dog show recently and excelled at any of the games involving water or sausages!

Eigenn is a really sensitive boy who has had a real mixed bag of experiences from humans. He needs a quiet, adult only home and time to get to know you and to trust that you are safe. He is a loyal boy and tends to bond strongly with people he does trust. Anyone applying for him will need a good understanding of dogs and in particular dogs who have extra needs. He has a lot to give back and is wonderful, but this will need to be in his own time and with a lot of support from his new owners.

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