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Elway is a fun-loving 3.5 year old collie cross. He has come to us for re-homing due to a change in his owner`s circumstances which meant that Elway was sadly unable to remain homed with them.

Elway is a very fit and active boy. He loves his walks, loves to play, is good off lead, good with other dogs, good at travelling. He does not have an issue being left at home on his own for a few hours so would be happy with an owner who has to work part time. Elway has some basic training and has the brains to learn more. He does not have a strong working collie instinct so does not need the level of stimulation needed by a working strain dog. However, he does have some collie instincts and is best suited to someone with previous collie experience. He can get over-protective of resources that are important to him such as toys if he does not get the right input, so needs someone with the time to continue to work on this with him to help him stay on the straight and narrow!

Elway is happiest working on a 1:1 with his person, being able to join in and feeling included, happy to chum up and go for good long country walks together or a charge around in the woods. He is looking for a human best buddy where he can team up with them and do fun stuff together. He would not be happy in a home with children – or with cats!

Enquire about homing Elway.