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Eric is an 8 year old Boston Terrier who has very sadly come to us for re-homing when his owner was unable to continue to care for him. He had clearly always been the centre of her universe, and as a result has the biggest personality a little dog could ever hope for!
Eric is ace, bags of fun, very clever, with a wonderul naughty little sense of humour. He loves attention, loves cuddles, loves certain toys, loves walkies and chase games. He is great with other dogs, great in the car, great with everyone he meets…not so great with cats! He is good both on and off lead, has a wide range of human vocabulary (none of it obedience based!) and plenty of tricks up his sleeve if he is worried that you may be ignoring him!
Because Eric has always had company and loves people he absolutely hates to be left. He will need a home where there is always someone with him and where he can go with you joining in with everything. He would love owners who share his humour and appreciate him for being the wonderful individual that he really is.
Eric is remaining in a foster home until we find him his forever home.

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