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Filly is a 3 year old lurcher who has sadly had to come into us for re-homing when a change in her owners` circumstances meant that she was having to be left at home on her own for far too long.

Filly is a lovely girl, very clever and very affectionate with bags of energy. She loves plenty of walks and off-lead playtime, loves to be sociable, loves to learn. She has good basic obedience but would love the opportunity to learn more. She has a high prey drive and is not suitable to live with other animals such as cats! Filly is lovely with people and would be quite happy to live in a home with children of 10 years plus who will enjoy participating in her life.

Filly would love an active home who really “get” their dogs and will enjoy ongoing training and brainwork with her. She loves to learn and is extremely loyal – she just needs “her” family to come forward for her. Filly would be ok with people who work part time but would not be happy to be left all day.

Filly is relatively new to us so we are still getting to know her, but we would love to talk to anyone who feels they could be a good match for her.

Enquire about homing Filly.