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Flower is a beautiful 4 year old Lurcher.

To say that Flower has not had the best start would be an understatement. The poor girl had clearly had very little experience with most things in early life, and few of those experiences were positive. However, with a lot of time and input Flower has made amazing progress. She now loves a cuddle on the sofa, loves to play with toys, loves to go for walkies in the countryside, is happy to travel, happy to go to new places…has even enjoyed lunch in a quiet pub garden!

Flower does tend to remain very nervous of strangers, especially children and men- especially if she has to meet them suddenly or walk too close to them. With a handler that she knows and trusts, and with the time and distance to assess the situation, she can now cope well with all those things that she finds threatening, and with patience will learn to trust the new person.

Flower needs a home with patient experienced owners who are happy to invest time in getting to know her prior to adoption and to continue to support her whilst she finds confidence in her new home. Flower is not used to being left home alone for any length of time and will need a gradual introduction to this.

Flower could live on her own, or with a laid back dog, she can be quite an astute copy cat, and if doggy friend says all is ok then she is now more likely to listen and to copy their reaction. Flower can walk with other calm, well mannered dogs, but needs a very gradual, gentle build up to this. She does not cope with unknown dogs running up to her, and will bark at them. Flower cannot be homed with cats.

Flower has the most amazing personality once she feels safe and confident with you. She is clever, cheeky and happy, with a naughty sense of humour. Very affectionate and very loyal to her person, she is utterly addictive and well worth the time invested in gaining her trust.

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