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Hi everyone, I`m Frank, I’m a dachshund and about 10-11 years old. I used to live in Mauritious, which wasn`t a good place at all. People were not nice to me, I couldn’t even start to tell you about the abuse that I experienced.

Over a year ago a very lovely lady and man rescued me and brought me to the UK. I was so confused and it took me months to try to adjust. Luckily my new human family were so understanding and patient, and gave me the best start to my new life. The lady is my best friend, I will let her touch me and stroke me – although it has taken a long time for me to be ok with this and it can only be on my terms. I almost trust her and I have a lot of love for her. The man on the other hand is not my favourite, he doesn`t do anything wrong to me, but I am always so nervous of him and can`t help but let him know about it. Unfortunately my new family cant seem to make it work for both of us, even though they have tried their hardest.

The humans often have dogs come to stay at the house and I really enjoy the company. I`m very laid back with other dogs and enjoy lying next to them, although I don`t understand how to play; I prefer dogs to people, as they actually speak my language! Not so sure about cats…maybe, if they left me alone to do my own thing.

I am now looking for a new home, hopefully with a couple of dogs so I have some friends, but most importantly just one woman on their own – no men, they just scare me and then I feel that I have to protect myself. I am fully vaccinated, have been neutered and have had a good dental to sort my teeth out. Although I may look cute (I think it’s because I’m a sausage dog), I cannot be trusted with people touching me. I am a funny character, but I can show that one special person – my forever person – some loyalty and love in my own little way.

If anyone can give me my forever retirement home, then please get in touch…but please be aware that you need a lot of dog experience for me, I have bitten a few times and am likely to again whenever I feel I need to protect myself.

Enquire about homing Frank.