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Gizz is a 3 – 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier who has not had much stability in his life and has definitely had mixed messages and some very bad handling along the way, but is doing well in his experienced foster home and is now ready to start looking for his forever home…and this one really must be forever.

Appearances can be deceiving! Gizz looks like a sweet cuddly lap dog…he does enjoy cuddles and fuss but it needs to be on his terms. He would rather be playing with his toys or be out and doing than sitting still being cuddled. He is anxious and fear aggressive to new people/situations and his foster carers have noted this is majorly helped by an anchor dog, so feel it is important that he is homed with a suitable canine companion. He is good with most dogs unless they are entire males – although if a dog is vocally reactive to him first he can struggle to let it go!

Gizz loves the great outdoors and being able to be a “proper dog”. He would rather be out exploring new places, charging around with his doggy friends chasing rabbits (real and imaginary). He has a real fun streak which needs to be encouraged to help him enjoy himself through life. Gizz thrives on a varied routine but can get subdued quite quickly if bored or similarly overwhelmed. The trick is to get the balance just right (don`t panic, we can help guide you with this and all aspects of Gizzie`s care)!

He is a typical terrier and will push boundaries with possessive behaviour with his humans (toys,food,and people/bed guarding) although not with dogs. He takes a long time to settle and trust in a new home, so will need a lot of pre-adoption contact to begin to build that relationship. He will initially suffer with quite bad separation issues but with the right input and time this does improve. In the long term he preferably would not be able to be left for more than 4 hours in a day, even with a canine companion. He loves to be bathed and brushed but hates being trimmed! He needs a firm but fair owner who can take the weight off of his shoulders by making decisions for him. He hates children of all ages and should not be homed with them. Similarly cats!

Because Gizz is in a foster home visits are strictly by appointment only, he is not a dog that is on site.

Enquire about homing Gizz.