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Gizzie is a 2 – 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier who is all terrier! Not of your lap dog-pyjama case nonsense – no, Gizzie likes to get out and do! Walks through the woods, charging across the fields with his mates seeing if he can find a rabbit, playing chase games, kill the squeaky toy – all these are firm favourites for Gizzie. He is a proper little “up and at `em” type of boy. Leave him sitting too long with nothing to do and he quickly starts to worry. He is a good traveller and happy to go to new places for adventures.

Gizzie loves other dogs and needs to share his home with other doggy friends – he really struggles to be without a canine companion for too long and loves interaction, sharing a bed, snuggling up. He worries far more when he is on his own and is much happier sharing life. He tends to watch and copy his dog friends, so it is important that they are quite happy and confident themselves. If you have a dog that tends to worry then Gizzie is not the dog for you – he will worry twice as much! Cats….a bit of a grey area for Giz!

Gizzie can find new people a little intimidating sometimes and needs a little time and space to see that they are friends. He has a good memory and is quick to remember those he knows. He has had no experience with children and we feel that he would be happiest in an active, adult only home. He will need a slow introduction to spending time alone, but could learn to stay home for up to 4 hours a day with the right input.

Gizzie is a great little dog, full of fun and adventure – he just needs a balanced and active home with a doggy friend or two and he will be a happy chappy.

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