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Gus is a 2 year old Chihauhau who has come to us for re-homing due to serious dog related allergies suffered his owner – they were devastated.

Gus is a little sweetie but, like many little Chihauhaus, tends to be a bit of a worrier by nature and can be quite nervous when initially meeting new people. With gentle introductions so that he does not feel overwhelmed Gus is happy to make friends, he just needs to be able to take it slowly. Once he knows you he is very confident, loves a cuddle, a lap, to share the sofa, a carry if he can get away with it…he will even try to sit on your shoulder! He is happy to be groomed, is happy to travel, ok to be left for a couple of hours. He has some basic obedience but would benefit from ongoing training.

Gus is very active and loves a walk – especially if he can meet other dogs as he loves to meet new doggy friends – big or small, he doesn`t care and will happily play with all. He does not really know how to play with toys yet, but it is a working progress! Running around like a lune off-lead chasing a doggy friend is something that Gus loves to do….recall is a working progress too!

We feel that Gus would be happiest in a quiet, dog experienced home with humans who can be calm and confident with him to help him feel more relaxed. Any reassurance or “poor little Gus” type petting just makes him worry all the more, he needs happy, upbeat “don`t be daft, there`s nothing to worry about” in his humans. He would benefit from the company of an existing dog but would need a canine friend who is very relaxed with humans to help improve his confidence. Gus will take time to get to know new people, so anyone interested in adopting him must have the time and patience for plenty of contact time with Gus before adoption.

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