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Harley is a wonderfully scrumptious 4 year old Lab x Rottie. She has come to us for re-homing as a change in her owner`s circumstances meant that she was being left home alone for far too long and it was making her unhappy.

Harley is a lovely girl who has always been much loved and well cared for. Naturally kind and gentle, she is extremely loyal and loving, a faithful friend who is very clever, quick to learn and eager to please. She is a dream to train and already has most of the basics you would want in any dog. She is good both on and off lead, although is very strong on the lead, happy to wait when asked, a great traveller – a girl that likes to join in and go out and about with you. She is great at socialising, loves new walks and meeting new friends (human and canine) good to take out for a coffee or out to the pub!

Harley is great with people, happy to greet visitors and loves a cuddle. She has been around visiting children from toddler upwards and been a good girl with all. She is a good girl about staying at floor level and in her bed provided you are there to keep an eye….can be a bit sneaky about borrowing the sofa if you happen to pop out for a couple of hours! She can be left no longer than 3 hours at present. She loves a game of ball and can play fetch all day long if you let her.

Harley is currently in a foster home where she is thriving. She will need a home with active people who will enjoy plenty of walks and continuing her training, getting out and about with her. She will need extra brain input as she can walk for 3 hours and still want more. As a clever and strong minded dog she is at her best with humans who will be her strong pack leaders – rather than Harley thinking that she needs to be in charge! She has not had any experience of living with children so we are suggesting homes with children of 10 years plus. She is prefers to be the only dog in the home and then have doggy friends out and about.

Because Harley is in a foster home viewings are strictly by appointment only.

Enquire about homing Harley (INTEREST).