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Hugh is a fabulous 2 year old cross breed. Big and bouncy, friendly and playful, life is one big, fun adventure for Hugh. Hugh has been in the same loving home since he was a puppy, but is proving to be just too big and strong for his elderly owners who love him dearly but want him to have more than they are able to give.

Hugh is a clever boy with a good level of basic obedience. He is lovely with people, enjoys meeting and playing with other dogs out walking, great with the visiting grandchildren. He travels well…although he can have a tendency to sing initially! He does not mind being left for a few hours and will happily snooze in his chair in the kitchen until his owners return. Hugh has lived with a cat and could live with a dog-savvy cat again. He is a very loyal boy with a big heart gently hidden behind his big smile.

Hugh would suit an active home where he can get plenty of exercise, ideally with the option of going to different places for new and exciting adventures. He would enjoy a home where ongoing training and brainwork are part of the joys of life, simply because he is a clever boy who enjoys using his brain. A happy-go-lucky smiler by nature, likeminded humans would suit him down to the ground. Hugh would not mind living with owners who needed to work and to leave him for a few hours each day.

Like a lot of larger dogs Hugh has no concept of his own size and truly believes himself to be quite a small dog – with this in mind we are advising homes with children of 12 years + due to Hugh`s potential unintentional boisterous leading to accidental flat-packing of smaller, less robust humans!

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