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Inca is a 5 year old lab x whippet. She is being re-homed because her current family are having to move into town and they feel that Inca will hate the change of environment. She is staying with them whilst we find her a new country home….hopefully before they have to move!

Inca is a sweetie, very loyal and very loving. She is used to having someone home most of the time, and used to plenty of exercise – long country walks, jogging…loves ball games, loves water (spot the lab!). She is great off-lead with good recall and far prefers freedom to having to walk on lead. She currently lives with a cat, who she likes to play chase games with, and a 10 year old child – they are best friends.

Inca has some of the sensitive side of the whippet, so can get worried about strange visitors initially and is not a fan of the postman! She needs a confident, laid back owner who will give her the reassurance that all is well. She has not been used to a lot of contact with other dogs and can get overwhelmed if they are too interested in her – she prefers to play ball and ignore other dogs. She is a good traveller and loves to go out and about with you, finding new places to explore.

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