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Jasper (Interest)

Jasper is a 1yr 4mth old working cocker x poodle.

He needs a home that understands spaniels, their endless energy and need to work. He needs owners who understand dogs and are able to be the ‘top dog’ in the home.

Jasper has a tendency to guard items including the sofa! In Jasper’s new home he needs to understand that his place is in his own bed. We have been teaching Jasper to go in his own crate and on a place mat. He has responded very well to this training and we believe if we find the right owners with right attitude, he will be fine.

He is a very confused little dog and desperately needs some consistently, boundaries and rules in his life so he can find his place in the home.

Jasper could be homed with another suitable dog.

If you would like to give Jasper a home, please contact us.

Enquire about homing Jasper (Interest).