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Jazz (interest)

Jazz is just fabulous. Barely a year old, she is really still a puppy and really does have everything to learn….although we are getting there and she has come on in leaps and bounds with us.

Jazz had unfortunately had little opportunity to socialise before she came to us, so meeting new people, new dogs – meeting anything at all really – was a big, scary experience for her. Little Jazz would give you big, worried eyes, take 3 steps backwards and wait for the scary thing to go away, barking at it if it didn`t! With ongoing work and lots and lots of positive experiences we are now far better. Jazz is clever and curious by nature, so with time, space and ensuring everything is fun, we are far more confident about meeting new people, generally happy to be around other dogs and keen to play with them irrespective of size. She now loves big walks which she had never had before, eating flowers and jumping in muddy puddles! She is definitely a working progress, but she is so much fun, has a wonderful sense of humour and is such a giggler she cannot help but make you laugh.

Jazz needs an experienced home that will be happy to continue training and socialisation. She would benefit from living with another steady dog to help show her the ropes and to play with her. She will need plenty of opportunities to meet new dog friends in a safe and controlled way so that her experiences remain positive and her confidence continues to grow. Jazz is not used to children and we feel that she would be happiest in an adult only home, or with teenagers who can participate in her socialisation. She is not good with cats!

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