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Jedi (reserved)

Jedi is a 2 year old Patterdale x Jack Russell – commonly known as a Patterjack! He has come to us for re-homing because he was living in a home with other terriers and he found that too stressful.

Jedi is a happy, sociable chap who loves human company and really enjoys interaction, training and games with them. He likes to very much feel a part of the family and to be allowed to join in and be included. Jedi is a fun dog to have in your life, active and playful. He enjoys plenty of good, interesting of walks, training games, hide and seek…he LOVES to play ball, and can “kill the squeaky” in record time!! He is eager to learn and likes to please, responding well to positive reward based training. He has been used to an active lifestyle where he can be out and busy for a lot of the time, and this is the sort of life that suits his personality. Jedi is a good traveller and does not mind being left for a few hours. He is happiest resting in his crate, which is his own little safe-haven doggy den.

Jedi is generally good out walking with other dogs, but is happiest as the only dog in the home as he tends to find ongoing contact stressful. He has not had any real experience of children, so we feel that he would be happiest in an adult only home, or with 12 years plus. He is not good with cats or other small furries.

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