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Jessie is an older girl these days, at around 11 – 12 years old. She has sadly had to come into us for re-homing due to a change in her owner`s health which meant that it was impossible for Jessie to be properly cared for.

Jessie can great fun and a really happy girl. She is active still and loves her walks, loves a game of ball with you. She is clever and enjoys learning tricks for a treat (paw – other paw – down…roll over is a bit of a working progress at the moment!. She is on a little bit of a diet with us at the moment as she is slightly heavier than we would want her to be! She is a good traveller and enjoys going to new places to explore. Jessie has no issues with being left at home and would not mind owners who need to work part time.

Jessie can take a little time to know and trust new people, so needs people who are happy to give her time to get to know them. She is not confident around children so will need an adult only home. She has only ever lived as a single dog and we feel that she is perhaps too old now to adjust to life in a multi-dog household. She is not a fan of cats…!

Jessie is a lovely, very individual, funny old stick. Like many of us as we get older, she very much knows her own mind – give her the time and space to make her own choices and she will generally comply happily. She would love to be in a caring home that does not force anything on her, succeeding in achieving compliance by encouraging Jess to “choose” for herself rather than forcing anything. She has been such a good girl in kennels, and we would love to see her in a final retirement home.

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