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Jip is just divine! A more mature gentleman (he is now 10 years) Jip is undoubtedly the kindest, gentlest dog we have ever had the privilege of re-homing. He is good with everything – quite literally. He is lovely with other dogs and enjoys a game if they are up to it – chase or playing with toys. He loves cats…can irritate them a little by following them devotedly. He is intrigued by every other animal he has met but in a very gentle way, he just wants to meet them and has no idea what prey drive is! He loves children and has been used to contact with children of all ages from toddlers upwards. He is very happy to meet anybody new – any time, any location, any age. He is happy to travel, happy to have company, even happy if you have to leave him at home for a while. He is quite happy to live as a single dog, also happy to share his life with doggy friends. He is just a happy, accepting, laid back, easy going boy. Although older he still loves his walks and, although he wouldn`t dream of suggesting it to you, would miss his two times daily charge around sessions so an owner that enjoys walkies still is important for Jipp. Everything else is very easy going for him. If you want a companion who is totally undemanding, a smiler by nature, positive and upbeat, then Jipp is the dog for you.

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